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The ACA receives no financial support of any kind from Portage Lakes State Park, nor from any local, state or national organization.  The maintenance of, and improvements to our observatory and all club equipment, our insurance costs, the handouts etc. are funded entirely by the money we receive from memberships and donations. We are incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization so any contributions that are made over and above memberships are entirely tax-deductible by the donor.  While we're always enthusiastic about new active members, we are also grateful for memberships and/or donations from arm-chair astronomers.  Please help us share the wonders of the universe with as many people as possible by joining the Astronomy Club of Akron.

Membership in the Astronomy Club of Akron includes:

  • A one year electronic subscription to THE NIGHT SKY, the club's monthly newsletter
    The full-color PDF of the Newsletter will be sent to the email address you specify in the form when you join)
  • Access to the full archive of past newsletter PDFs
  • Loaner telescopes (when available)
  • Access to the Portage Lakes State Park Observatory during events
  • An open invitation to all club star parties, outreach events, dinners and picnics
  • The joys of watching and hearing a child, regardless of age, see the rings of Saturn or the craters on the Moon for the first time
  • Learn the sky and the secrets hidden within from our collective wealth of experienced observers
  • The camaraderie of like-minded individuals who would rather be out under the stars than watching them on television

Dues are:
$30.00 per year for an Adult Membership (age 18 and over)
$15.00 per year for Juniors (age 12 to 17)
$15.00 per year for each Additional Member (with an Adult Membership)
$40.00 per year for a Family Membership (usually the lowest total cost of the available options)

All ACA annual memberships renew in the month of September.
All new memberships in October through June are prorated, but must be renewed in September.
Our Treasurer will refund the prorated portion of your new membership to you when your payment is received.

Please note that if you opt to join or renew your membership via Method 2, the dues are slightly higher because of PayPal fees.

Joining (or renewing an existing membership) is easy!  Chose either method described below...

Method 1

1a)  Click this line or the image below for a printable Membership Form


1b)  Fill it out, print it, and mail - along with a check for the appropriate amount
        to the ACA Treasurer whose name and address are shown on the form

Method 2 - Payment via PayPal (PayPal fees are included)

2a)  Click this line or the following form, fill out and mail to the Treasurer
(The Treasurer's name and address appear at the top of the form)
Why mail the form?  We want to know who you are!


2b)  Click on the appropriate "Pay now via PayPal" in the options below
(please note that PayPal fees are included in the total)

  Adult Membership (ages 18 and older)

Pay $31.17 now via PayPal

. .
  Additional Adult Member (With an adult membership)

Pay $15.74 now via PayPal

. .
  Junior Membership (ages 12 to 17)

Pay $15.74 now via PayPal

. .
  Family Membership

Pay $41.46 now via PayPal

To contact club officers with questions or comments, please visit our Contacts page
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