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APRIL 22, 2016 - General Membership Meeting at 8:00 PM
at the Portage Lakes Kiwanis Civic Center
  725 Portage Lakes Dr
Akron, OH  44319

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Please note that we ALWAYS encourage the public to attend ANY of our events, including meetings.
Come and enjoy the lecture and talk to us about astronomy!

8:00 PM - Call to order and introduction of tonight's program:


Ron Kalinoski, Observatory Director, Astronomy Club of Akron


Anthropic Principle
We live in an amazing Universe. The constants of Nature in the fundamental equations that de- scribe the Universe are finely tuned to give us the Universe we see and know. These constants can not be predicted by theory; they can only be found by experiment. Slight variation of these constants dramatically change the Universe or eliminate its existence all together. The Anthropic Principle which deals with this idea of fine tuning was developed in the 60's and became very popular in the 80's. While most physicists agree the constants of Nature are finely tuned, there is little agreement on why. The discovery of Dark Energy in the 1990's and the reemergence of the cosmological constant has brought the topic back into discussion today. Our talk will cover some examples of fine tuning the constants of Nature. And during our discussion, we'll explore spatial curvature, Dark Energy, and how astronomers discovered that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating.
Photo credit: NOVA "The Great Math Mystery" shown on PBS March 30, 2016

About our speaker:

If you've ever been to a public event at the ACA Observatory, you have most definitely met Ron, pictured at the left, who has been our Observatory Director for the past ten years. Ron's interest in astronomy began at age 10 when his father bought him a telescope and he has been observing the night sky ever since, including countless nights at desert locations of south- western United States. Ron works for Firestone Polymers as a chemical engineer. Ron is passionate about the environment and leads the volunteer Wildlife Habitat Group at Firestone Polymers. The group's goal is to increase awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship.

9:00 PM - Brief coffee-break / discussion time
9:15 PM - Business meeting to be called to order and will include the following:
  ●  Treasurer's Report
  ●  Observatory Director's Report
  ●  Calls for observations
  ●  New Business

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