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SEPTEMBER 25, 2015 - General Membership Meeting
will be at this location:
Franklin Park Civic Center - The Tudor House   Alternate Meeting Location !!!
655 Latham Lane
Akron, OH 44319

                Click here for map & directions to The Tudor House

Please note that we ALWAYS encourage the public to attend ANY of our events, including meetings.
Come and enjoy the lecture and talk to us about astronomy!

We had to change the location of this month's meeting due to the Kiwanis Civic Center, our normal meeting location, being used for Kiwanis' business.
We should be back at the Kiwanis Civic Center for next month's meeting.  Watch for announcements prior to the next meeting.

Easiest directions to The Tudor House:
1)   The access road from the State Park to the Tudor House is now gated and locked..
    If desired, you can still park in the State Park and walk past the locked gate to the Tudor House.
2)   Please use the Latham Lane driveway for vehicular access.
3)   Take Renninger Road to Roble Road.
4)   Turn left on Roble which becomes Rawlins Avenue.
5)   Take Rawlins to Latham Lane and follow the signs to The Tudor House.

8:00 PM - Call to order and introduction of tonight's program:


Clyde Simpson, Observatory Coordinator, Department of Astronomy
at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History


The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

  The possibility that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe has always excited the general public. Scientists are equally enthusiastic: physicists, biologists, chemists, cosmologists and astronomers are researching the age-old question:
Is There Anybody out there in the Universe?

We do not know - but the search is on!

About our speaker:

Clyde Simpson is a long time friend of ACA and one of our most enthusiastic supporters. He is Observatory Coordinator of the Ralph Mueller Observatory at the CMNH and has been a member of the Astronomy Department since 1984. Clyde teaches astronomy and geology classes in the planetarium and Museum galleries and maintains the observatory with its 10.5" Warner & Swasey refracting telescope built in Cleveland in 1899. He leads field trips of astronomical interest, including several to view total eclipses of the Sun, and monitors sunspots on a daily basis for the AAVSO (American Association of Variable Star Observers).

    Click here to watch the interview of Mr. Simpson for the No Boundaries Project
9:00 PM - Brief coffee-break / discussion time
9:15 PM - Business meeting to be called to order and included the following:
  ●  Treasurer's Report
  ●  Observatory Director's Report
  ●  Calls for observations
  ●  New Business

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