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JANUARY 23, 2015 - General Membership Meeting
at the Portage Lakes Kiwanis Civic Center
  725 Portage Lakes Dr
Akron, OH  44319

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Please note that we ALWAYS encourage the public to attend ANY of our events, including meetings.
Come and enjoy the lecture and talk to us about astronomy!

8:00 PM - Call to order and introduction of tonight's program:


Dale Force of the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH.


NASA Glenn Research Centerís contribution to the radio science experiment on the Cassini mission to Saturn

The radio science experiment has been used to test General Relativity and search for gravitational waves. The experiment continues to be used for precision navigation, allowing measurements of the gravitational field of Saturn and its moons. The experiment is also used in occultation measurements of the atmosphere and ionosphere of Saturn and its larger moons.  The Glenn Research Center developed the Ka band high power amplifier for the mission. Cassini was the first deep space mission to use the Ka band deep space frequency band at 32 GHz. Although Cassini only used this band for radio science, Cassini proved the technology mature, allowing the use of Ka band communications on later NASA missions such as Kepler.  The Cassini Ka band high power amplifier is a 10 W traveling wave tube amplifier. Traveling wave tubes are an advanced form of vacuum tube used for high power microwave amplification.

9:00 PM - Brief coffee-break / discussion time
9:15 PM - Business meeting to be called to order and included the following:
  ●  Treasurer's Report
  ●  Observatory Director's Report
  ●  Calls for observations
  ●  New Business

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