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NOVEMBER 19, 2010 - General Membership Meeting
Franklin Park Civic Center - The Tudor House    New Meeting Location !!!

                                                   Click here for map & directions to The Tudor House

We've moved this month's meeting to the third Friday to accommodate the Thanksgiving holiday.
This requires us moving the meeting to a different location to avoid a scheduling conflict at the Kiwanis Civic Center.

We'll be back at the Kiwanis Civic Center for our next meeting on Friday January 28, 2011 unless notified otherwise.

Easiest directions to The Tudor House:
1)   Enter through the Portage Lakes State Park entrance from Manchester Rd.
2)   Follow the curvy main park road 1.2 miles to the beach area parking lot without making any hard turns.
3)   At the near right corner of the beach area parking lot is an access drive into the Tudor House parking lot.
4)   Park in the Tudor House parking lot.

8:00 P.M.
Call to order and introduction of speakers by our Vice President.  This meeting's program will be a panel
discussion on "Buying a Telescope". A panel of club members will provide tips on what types of telescopes
to buy as well as resources for finding out about telescope reviews, on-line stores selling telescope equipment,
as well as local "brick and mortar" stores. Bring your questions and see what our experts have to say!

9:00 P.M.
Break.  Time to talk with fellow members about that latest piece of hardware you just
read about, recent astro-news, Hubble's latest images - or anything else, for that matter.

9:15 P.M.
Business meeting will be called to order

10:00 P.M. (approximately)
Meeting will adjourn.

To contact club officers with questions or comments, please visit our Contacts page
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