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MARCH 26, 2010 - General Membership Meeting
Portage Lakes Kiwanis Civic Center

8:00PM - Call to order and introduction of tonight's guest speaker:
Ron Kalinoski, Observatory Director of the ACA.  Ron brought an enormous amount of materials to explain and demonstrate the fine art of amateur telescope mirror grinding.  Included in the talk were techniques, theory and testing devices and how they all work together to produce a parabolic mirror used in a Newtonian reflector telescope.  The knife-edge testing apparatus was fascinating.  As always, Ron's talk was packed full of information.
Click HERE for additional information.

9:10PM - Brief coffee-break / discussion time.
●  Members looked over the materials Ron brought and discussed some of the requirements of mirror grinding

9:25PM - Business meeting called to order and included the following:

●  Treasurer's Report
        ●  Club account balances
        ●  Savings realized by moving to a different insurance company

●  Observatory Director's Report
        ●  State of the Observatory
        ●  Mention of the attempts to observe at the 3/20/2010 event which was completely clouded out
        ●  Preparation for Messier Marathon on April 10 - just two weeks away
        ●  New Meade diagonal finishes the job of allowing the Club 14" to swing through the forks and reach the zenith
        ●  Mentioned the unused items from the Observatory auctioned at the last meeting

●  Calls for observations
        ●  Several clear nights recently allowed numerous celestial observations
        ●  Long time member Lou Poda mentioned multiple ISS passes he observed

●  New Business
        ●  Round three of the "Lease agreement wars" between the State of Ohio and the ACA
                 ●  Mark Kochheiser, Statutory Agent, received the latest version of the lease agreement offered by the State of Ohio.
                      This lease is for the property in the Portage Lakes State Park where our observatory resides
                 ●  The Board will have to meet to discuss the terms and decide if it is an agreement we can live with.

        ●  NOMINATIONS of OFFICERS occurred as detailed below:
                 ●  President - Dave Jessie
                 ●  Vice President - Tom Mino and Gary Smith have both decided to run
                 ●  Treasurer - Lew Snodgrass
                 ●  Secretary - Mary Pickelsimer
                 ●  Assistant Secretary-Treasurer - Rosaelena Villaseñor
                 ●  Publications Secretary (aka Newsletter Editor) - Jason Shinn

        ●  ELECTION of OFFICERS to occur at the next ACA meeting on 4/23/2010 at 8:00pm

To contact club officers with questions or comments, please visit our Contacts page
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