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Friday April 15, 2016 at 8:00 PM
Announced by our Observatory Director on Wednesday 4/13/2016 at 5:28 PM

Status updated on Friday 4/15/2016 at 8:00 AM by our Observatory Director:

A Great Night ahead! The Observatory will open at 8:00 PM.

Public Observing Event

at the ACA Observatory


Impromptu Event! 

We have another great opportunity to view the planets & Moon on Friday evening. Mercury will be just 3 days from greatest western elongation placing it at its best evening appearance all year. The planet will still only be just above horizon, but we should be able to see it around 8pm. Jupiter will be putting on a fabulous show for us tonight. The Straight Wall on the Moon will
be at terminator so we should be able to see shadow of fault quite well.
On the observing list for tonight:
Io shadow transit ending at 9:09 PM
Europa shadow transit from 9:31 PM until 12:18 AM
Great Red Spot transit at 9:37 PM
Mercury visible for early-birds at 8:00 PM
Straight Wall on Moon well-placed for viewing.
The forecast calls for Clear Skies!

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.Visible satellite passes from the ACA Observatory:

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Solar System objects rise/transit/set times from the ACA Observatory on the date of this event...

New feature: The "T" on each object's line in the chart above indicates the time of transit in addition to the rise and set times for the object.


Live AccuWeather Satellite Mosaic

Jet Stream
updates automatically to latest available image)
    The Jet Stream affects astronomical "seeing" (steadiness of the air)
    If we're in a gray area, seeing will not be as good as in a white area.
    If we're in a white area, the shorter the arrows, the better.

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