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Use this page to access your ACA email account.
You must be a current member to have and use an official ACA email account.

If you already have an ACA email account, click here
If you don't know if you HAVE an ACA email account, you don't have one...BUT they're easy to get!

1) Use the email account we have on record for you and write to webmaster@acaoh.org requesting your new email account. Instructions will be emailed back to you along with your temporary email password.
Just for instructional purposes, suppose your new ACA email account is "sample.name@acaoh.org"


2) Sign on to your new ACA email account by clicking here or on the "Webmail" graphic below...
 then type in your new ACA email address completely
(note: be sure to include the "@acaoh.org" at the end of your new email address as shown in the graphic above)
3) On first sign-in, you'll see this message:
Just click on the "Got it" box and then you'll see...


4) Select the default email program you'd like to use.
I recommend the first choice, but any of the others are there if you'd like to experiment.
If you'd like, you can click the "Set as Default" below your chosen email application so you won't see this screen again.


5) Now it's time to select a new password. This is important!
Pick one you'll remember, use a password you already use for your other email accounts.
OR pick a new one, but remember to write it down. If you forget your password, you can reset it.

Click on the small down arrow immediately to the right of your email address and you'll see this:

Click on the "Password & Security" as shown above and then...

6) This screen will appear:


Type in your desired password into the "New Password" box (if it's a new one, WRITE IT DOWN!
Re-type your desired password into the "Confirm New Password" box and click "Save"
You are now completely finished setting up your ACA email account.
From now on, to access your ACA email, just start at the steps below..

If you ALREADY HAVE an ACA email account...

1) Click the Webmail graphic below or on this text: http://www.acaoh.org/webmail to be taken to Webmail

2) Enter your new ACA email address

3) Enter your password

4) You're off and running!

5) Note: If your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari etc.) can be set to remember your sign-on
and passwords, you may not have to retype your Email Address and/or Password

To contact club officers with questions or comments, please visit our Contacts page
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